SRX-101A film processor, No water in the wash tank

Updated on March 28, 2020 in X-Ray Film Processor Service Issues
0 on June 22, 2015

We had a customer call the other day and complained that their Konica SRX101A film processor was in alarm mode and there was no water in the wash tank. Right away the customer thinks there is a problem with the wash fill circuit or supply line. After listening to the alarm pattern and the customer telling me which light was flashing and/or illuminated I determined from the Konica error chart that it had a drive motor error. I asked the customer if the drive gears were turning and they indicated that they were not. The customer was now convinced he had two problems, no wash water and a drive motor problem. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to spend the money on two problems but I explained to him that I thought if the processor didn’t sense drive to the racks it wouldn’t turn on the wash water solenoid. With skepticism he had us do a service call and a bad drive motor was discovered, replaced and the unit was back in service. Ask plenty of questions when a customer calls with what they perceive as a problem. Sometimes the perceived problem might be the result of a real problem somewhere else.

SRX101A error codes

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