Used Konica CR Cassettes

Updated on April 6, 2020 in Used X-Ray Accessories
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Good quality used Konica CR Cassettes are hard to come by but currently we have a limited availability of 14×17, 24×30, 14×14 and 8×10 Konica CR Cassettes for the Regius 110, 190, 210 readers.  These cassettes are in good working condition.

The Konica Minolta imaging plates are rigid, lightweight yet highly reliable. These cassettes and plates have proven to produce high quality images and offer lowest cost of ownership on the plates with Superior image quality using the best Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) in plate technology.

  • Rigid cassette design with our patented 100% iodine imaging plate
  • Rigid plate is free of contact with any mechanism within both the REGIUS Model 110 and REGIUS 170, 190 and 210 CR Readers

14×17 Used Konica CR Cassette – $495.00

24×30 Used Konica CR Cassette – $350.00

8×10 Used Konica CR Cassette – $295.00

14×14 Used Konica CR Cassette – $495.00


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