What to sell now that Konica quit making the SRX101A processor

Updated on March 28, 2020 in X-Ray Film Processor Service Issues
0 on June 22, 2015

Konica Minolta had the number one selling tabletop film processor on the market in the SRX101 and now it’s gone. What do we do? They had that number 1 ranking for a number of reasons, small light weight tabletop design, shallow tank film transport design, easy to install, uses very little chemical, not to mention it almost never breaks down. When we first heard of the Konica processor nobody wanted to work on it. Why, because it was different and we didn’t know anything about it. But as with any top selling anything we were forced to learn it, service it and even sell it. Of course we fell in love with it and mainly because from a service techs point of view it required very little maintenance. Those days are gone and with many customers still using film we have to sell something until all the film in the world is gone.
We have sold many tabletop processors over the years and none of them came close to the Konica. That is until we found the Ecomax by Protec. This tabletop processor is very similar to the SRX101 design with a small lightweight footprint, shallow tank design, minimal rollers, simple electronics and simple to install. The electronics are all contained on a credit card size circuit board and all circuits and pumps are easily accessed for service. The price is also very attractive for those customers on a budget. Dealers can buy these from FI Sales www.fisalesllc.com and Jim Flanigan is the contact. The folks at FI Sales are very helpful and knowledgeable about their product. Service support is also very good but to date we have not had any issues with breakdowns or film quality. Each unit comes complete with replenisher tanks and all necessary supply and drain hoses. If you have a customer that needs to install one where no plumbing is available you can order a No Plumbing Kit which allows you to convert it to a closed loop setup. Perfect for mobile vans, veterinary barns or remote buildings. As a disclaimer, it’s still too early to see how this unit will holdup over the long haul and it may not be of the same quality as the SRX101 but in our opinion the Ecomax comes as close as anything to replace the SRX101.

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